Work Like A Mathematician Day excursion

The University of Wollongong has held the ‘Work Like A Mathematician Day’ excursion in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for a limited number of Year 8 and 9 students.  This experience has been conducted in the whiteboard classrooms at UOW as part of the Inspiring Mathematics and Science in Teacher Education research project and are delivered by UOWs ‘Communicating Mathematics’ students (supervised by UOW mathematics educators).  These excursions have informed the installation of mathematics whiteboard classrooms in an increasing number of classrooms across the Illawarra (such as the CLOWD room at Illawarra High School).   You can read news media reports about the CLOWD room here and the excursion here.

Our research so far shows students are more engaged working in the whiteboard mathematics classrooms and teachers have stated that they can easily see students working (or not) in the class and are better able to address student behaviour or immediately help students who are perhaps struggling.   Working at the whiteboard allows students to work collaboratively, get help by looking around the room and discuss their work.

What is the excursion:

Work Like A Mathematician Day excursion.
During each session, each group will attend one 35 minute whiteboard mathematics class AND attend one 35 minute standard mathematics class.  Each group will be pre- and post- tested as part of the UOW student’s reflective teaching practice.

 Who should attend:

You and your Year 8 and/or Year 9 mathematics students.  Places are limited to 26 students per group.  If you or your students have access requirements, please let me know the details in a separate email so we can allocate you an appropriate room.

When is the excursion being held:

Please check back for 2017 dates for expression of interest deadlines and available excursion dates.